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Human Community

Help us establish our identity as an organization and our leadership culture

by joining or advising our Board of Directors!

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Unfilled Positions


Board Naturalist - The Naturalist is a spokesperson for beyond-human life, land, water, and air, to ensure they have a voice in all board decisions and actions. The Naturalist educates other board members when necessary and advocates for nature’s interests.


Board Member - Members help to define and uphold the organization’s mission and provide overall leadership to the organization. Board members are also involved in Fellowfield's community-building efforts, spreading the word about our work and actively participating in fundraising events.

Youth Advisor - An advisory committee of young members, the Youth Stewards, will advise board decisions and propose youth-led projects.

Community Advisor - Community Advisors will share their diverse voices and expertise as needed to help the board better achieve its mission.

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